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Portrait of Dr. Peggy McIntosh with quoteMay 3, 2016
White Men's Caucus Recharge with Peggy McIntosh
Sponsor: The Women's Place and the College of Arts and Sciences
Tuesday, 10 - 11:30 am
*Open to White Men's Caucus participants only

Dean David Manderscheid and The Women’s Place invite White Men’s Caucus participants to continue the privilege conversation with Dr. Peggy McIntosh. Dr. McIntosh is a scholar, pioneer and foremost authority on white privilege.

The concept of white privilege gained widespread recognition in the late eighties when McIntosh started writing about it. In 1988, she wrote a paper called “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women’s Studies,” which contained forty-six examples of white privilege. Those examples have since been read by countless school children and college students.

Dr. McIntosh directs the Gender, Race, and Inclusive Education Project, which provides workshops on privilege systems, feelings of fraudulence, and diversifying workplaces, curricula, and teaching methods. She has given talks about privilege to groups such as the American Society for Engineering Education, the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church, the Ontario Nurses Association, and NASA’s Goddard Space Center. She is also the former associate director of the Wellesley Centers for Women and founder of the National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum (Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity).

Dr. McIntosh has taught English, American Studies, and Women's Studies at the Brearley School, Harvard University, Trinity College (Washington, D.C.), Durham University (England), and Wellesley College. She attended Radcliffe and holds a PhD in English from Harvard.

Learn more about Dr. McIntosh.

Event graphicMay 12, 2016
Privilege Symposium: White Men & Partners for Inclusive Excellence
Sponsors: The Women's Place, Joan Herbers (PI of OSU’s NSF ADVANCE Grant: Project CEOS), CFAES, College of Engineering, and College of Arts and Sciences
Thursday, 11:30a - 2:30 pm
*Open by invitation only; Register by April 29

Join us for powerful conversation and learning around privilege and how you can help create a more inclusive culture in your department/unit.

The symposium will feature a panel discussion followed by small group conversations and strategizing. The panel will be comprised of Ohio State leaders, men who have attended a rigorous and transformative privilege workshop that helps participants understand how their actions and perceptions contribute to workplace inequities. They will share their experiences and changes they have made since attending the training. The panel will include:

  • Interim Provost Bruce McPheron, formerly vice president of Agricultural Administration and dean of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES)
  • Gates Garrity-Rokous, vice president of the Office of Legal Affairs & chief compliance officer
  • David Manderscheid, executive dean and vice provost of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • David Williams, dean of the College of Engineering

As the primary holders of influence and privilege, men must be involved in creating gender equality and changing the culture at Ohio State. If diversity and inclusion efforts continue to be left only to white women and people of color, long-term progress will not happen. Without a deeper partnership among senior, white male leaders, white women, and people of color, diversity efforts will continue to stall because changing a culture must involve a critical coalition of senior leaders.

Including men in diversity efforts will help ensure long-term, sustained change that brings the benefits of influence and privilege to women and people of color. Your participation in this workshop is a step in helping to create a work culture in which all can thrive.

Learn more about the privilege workshop panel members attended and diversity efforts some attendees have enacted in The Women's Place 2016 Status Report on Women.

Lunch will be provided.

Sponsored by The Women’s Place with partners Joan Herbers (PI of OSU’s NSF ADVANCE Grant: Project CEOS), College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), College of Engineering, and College of Arts and Sciences.

Portrait of Dr. Lisa HinkelmanMay 13, 2016
ASFW 12th Annual Ballam Women's Symposium
Empower Yourself: A Holistic Approach
Sponsors: Association of Staff & Faculty Women, The Women's Place and others (see the "more information" link for full list)
Friday, 8 am - 1:30 pm
Location: James Cancer Hospital, 460 W 10th Ave, Room L035
Fee: $35 for ASFW members; $50 for non-members; Register by May 6

Join the Association of Staff & Faculty Women for the Ballam Women's Symposium featuring keynote speaker Dr. Lisa Hinkelman. Dr. Hinkelman was an Ohio State faculty member and is the founder and director of Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX). ROX is an organization that provides evidence-based empowerment programming for girls; delivers professional development to educators, teachers, and parents; and conducts research and evaluation focused on girls. Her talk, “From Confident Girls to Competent Women: Our Leadership Journey” will focus on how the early messages we receive and the experiences we have as girls can influence and shape the type of leaders that we become as adults. With a focus on effective communication, collaboration vs. competition, and the necessity of courageous conversations, Lisa will challenge participants to evaluate their leadership journey while simultaneously providing insights and guidance for women who serve as influencers in the lives of girls.

Megan Amaya, PhD, director of Health Promotion and Wellness and assistant professor in practice at Ohio State's College of Nursing will lead our session following the keynote speaker. As working professionals, we have demanding days with little personal time—often then heading home to family responsibilities. What if engaging in frequent exercise, healthy meals, and brief recovery during the day would make one more productive and even happier? Renew oneself, one’s health, and one’s relationships by learning the evidence-based strategies and tools of “Energy Management.”

Breakfast and lunch will be provided with registration.

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